Monday, March 30, 2009

"A Passion for Painting" Award

James Parker is a wonderful artist and prolific blogger who I’ve gotten to know through his work in cyber-space. I first noticed him as a fellow participant on Karin Jurick’s Different Strokes from Different Folks blog. He has a great sense of humor, seems to be interested in everything, and in general is a person I would like to go out for coffee with, preferably in Costa Rica where he lives.

James graced me with the "A Passion for Painting" award last week. I was so flabbergasted it took me four days to formulate a response. Now that I've recovered, I am going to follow directions by posting this award, listing seven of my “loves," passing this award on to seven other deserving artists, and notifying them of their award-winning status.


1. G*d, even when S/he’s hiding and appears not to be doing a very good job at all, and has just swept all the game pieces off the table again.
2. My two Geminis: David and the soft and sweet Marissa.
3. My parents, brothers, family (welcome Mason born Feb. 18), friends, and pets (Snoopy-dog and Carly with the wonderful kitty perfume).
4. Art, photography, looking at flowers, watching people, and making messes.
5. Books! When I don’t have time to read them I read about them.
6. A good laugh – either having one myself or making other people laugh.
7. Friends of Bill

And the Passion for Painting Award goes to seven people who I'd like to be when I grow up:
1. John E. Vander Stelt
2. Jacqueline Gnott
3. Susan Abbott
4. Stephen Magsig
5. Thomas Thorspecken
6. Annelein Beukenkamp
7. Julian Merrow-Smith

Check out their blogs and websites and be sure to visit James Parker's online world as well. Thank you James!

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